Agile Metalworks Planning and Scheduling

MangoGem can quickly detect hidden extra capacity or bottlenecks by using real-time data from internal and external sources, such as ERP/MES, production sensors or others

- Batchings at 100s of SKUs
- Sequence Dependent Setups
- Maintenance Planning
- Multi-level BOMs Routing



Disrupted metalworks schedule is optimized within minutes, not hours. Modelled “what ifs” reduce Production Planner’s effort to find most profitable scenarios. Rescheduling can be done in real-time.


AI-powered simulations pinpoint only accurate solutions. MangoGem takes care of all the details and metalworking constraints. No matter the size of your metal processing operations. You can eliminate all your current scheduling errors and pain.

Better than rival

Advanced metalworking modelling and scenario planning capabilities augment your existing ERP system to consistently create better-than-rival schedules. Increased volume and better price mix will multiply your profit.

Dynamic product mixing, small make-to-order series, complex routings, sequence based machine setups – don’t just plan and schedule them, OPTIMIZE in minutes! Add extra capacity without extra shifts.

How it works

MangoGem AI considers multiple factors and constraints to determine the most optimum schedule based on your selected Key Performance Indicators.

You get a KPI value driven output based on a rich model of your demand, supply and metalworking production constraints.

  • sequencing 1000s of part numbers with varying process times
  • nesting and batching different jobs, material deliveries
  • reducing machine setup time vs. on-time delivery conflicts
  • matching machine capabilities and people competences
- Founded in 2002, first as consulting or third-party APS development
- After 2011, we develop & implement our own 5th generation APS
- Exclusive focus Real-Time APS, S&OP & SCP solutions for enterprises (Industry 4.0)
- High level team, professors and PhDs, and senior industry experts
- Located in Brussels, Belgium, active worldwide with local VAR partners