AI-powered Optimization

By using the most recent advances in the science of operations research allows us to tackle challenging real-life domain-specific cases. 

The below listed characteristics of MangoGem have enabled our world-famous Supply Chain Management partners to win advanced planning and optimization tenders issued by international leaders in yogurt, beer and other industries:

Modeling versatility and depth: unique feature-rich flexible data model that covers end-to-end multi-level discrete, batch, or semi-process industries and supply chains from short to long term. This enables manufacturers to generate realistic and automatizable long-term planning complying with operational constraints, and short-term schedules being directly implementable to every workstation and person without any additional rework.


Optimization speed and performance: combination and hybridization of more than 30 configurable solvers and meta-heuristics and enhanced through machine learning and deep learning.  This enables MangoGem to compute complex schedules in just minutes, thereby allowing agile manufacturing by integrating last-minute changes multiple times a day. Real-time optimization and automated scheduling can be achieved in most real-life cases.


Fast deployment: easy connections with standard DBMS, ERP, or MES systems and to its modeling versatility.


"We’ve seen many solution providers but this is the 1st time that someone reverts to us with a relevant answer that can model our reality. The demonstrated +70% productivity is more than what we were expecting in our most optimistic scenario."

Laurent Geron, CTO IONICS

Automotive electroplating company in Belgium

The latest MangoGEM APS Optimizer version has been further enhanced by:

  1. Artificial intelligence of the "Deep Learning"  type applying user changes for greater operationality of the calendar
  2. Larger, refined resource types that improve the framework of the manufacturing process and enable faster and more realistic modeling of the process.
  3. Automated OR maping between DB and Java objects, which allows for even more realistic constraint integrations.
  4. A configurable user interface to adjust the user experience per persona for increased productivity.
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